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Sample 10: Employee Communications - Employee Bio

Alex Karvounis, Employee Communications Photographer

Born and raised in the suburbs of Baltimore, Alex discovered a passion for performing at an early age. A natural entertainer, the enterprising young Alex began staging juggling exhibitions with his twin brother Nick at the age of 13. While at first, the brothers were thrilled simply to earn extra pocket money as street performers, eventually the duo won international acclaim and even appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. For more than 20 years, the twins traveled the globe as expert jugglers, combining spectacle and showmanship for delighted audiences the world over.

Following many years of globetrotting for his thriving show business career, Alex grew tired of life on the road and desired a more grounded lifestyle. Finally settling in Las Vegas, Alex happily accepted a job at Wynn | Encore, preferring the stability and security of a staff position in Employee Communications. After setting down his juggling pins, Alex picked up a camera and utilized his creativity and artistic flair in an innovative new assignment: capturing images of his coworkers for the Storytelling Program, an employee recognition initiative reflecting and reinforcing the Wynn core values.

It didn’t take long for colleagues to recognize and admire Alex’s superb pictorial work or his remarkable ability to set his photographic subjects at ease; an important skill when working with camera-shy individuals.

Impressed with his work, the resort’s Public Relations department asked Alex to take on the added responsibility of photographing and documenting the “Wynn | Encore experience,” including the property’s restaurants, amenities and retail outlets, thereby saving the company a fortune in fees while perfectly depicting the essence and style of the Wynn world. Soon, Alex eagerly stepped in to learn and collaborate on many other aspects of the creative department, including graphic design, intranet administration and HTML/Flash.

Exciting freelance work followed, as Chef Paul Bartolotta, featured in a spread for GQ magazine, personally requested that Alex serve as photographer for his shoot. Alex tackled the project with the same enthusiasm and professionalism he demonstrates in his day-to-day assignments at Wynn | Encore.

In addition to his busy schedule at the hotel, Alex owns and operates a production company with his brother. At the aptly named Doubble Troubble Entertainment, the siblings, with their unique insight into the world of performing, book a variety of entertainers all over the country. The pair has also ventured onto the silver screen, producing, directing and starring in their own feature film, entitled Olive Juice, and appearing in national commercials for Burger King and Spike TV.

Alex’s latest collaboration may just be his proudest accomplishment yet. He and his wife Stephanie, a former Bally’s Jubilee! showgirl, are expecting a baby girl in April. In his spare time, Alex enjoys tinkering in the kitchen and occasionally indulging his natural wanderlust.