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Sample 9: Employee Communications - Internal Recognition Program

Storytelling - National Safety Month Edition
Thank you to Barbara, Kym, & Oscar!

We're all committed to maintaining a safe and secure workspace. It’s our duty as Wynn | Encore employees to make the safety of our guests and coworkers one of our top priorities – and it’s a responsibility that we’ve taken on wholeheartedly.

There are countless stories of our employees going above and beyond for safety, from Security Officers performing CPR during a guest’s medical emergency to an Engineering crew heroically responding to a fire alarm. The sheer number of these kinds of stories is a testament to the incredible dedication of our employees.

And in honor of National Safety Month, we’d like to share a few stories about three very special employees who have truly taken ownership of the safety of their departments:

Barbara Huber, Senior Manager of Housekeeping Administration
Our coworkers in Housekeeping play an important role in our guests’ safety. When guests are in their suites, our Guest Room Attendants are the employees that are most likely to be on hand to assist them in the event of an emergency. That’s why Senior Manager of Housekeeping Administration Barbara Huber took responsibility to develop her department’s Life Safety Program. Here’s what she did: Barbara came up with a plan of action for evacuating the Resort Towers. If an evacuation is ordered, our GRAs are responsible for alerting guests in their rooms and leading them safely out of the building. But Barbara realized there was a problem: during an emergency, when time is in short supply, how could the GRAs keep track of which rooms had been evacuated and which hadn’t?

Barbara’s solution was simple: a red crayon. When a Guest Room Attendant evacuates a guest room, she draws a large red “X” on the door to indicate that the room is empty. That way, the GRAs know that if a door doesn’t have a red “X,” there may be guests inside that require further assistance. Barbara created Life Safety kits, which every Guest Room Attendant keeps on her amenity cart. The kit contains a red crayon, a mask (to protect them from smoke), a glow stick (to make them more visible), and instructions for evacuations. Thanks to Barbara, our Guest Room Attendants have the tools they need to safely evacuate guests in an emergency.

Kym Trudeau, Massage Therapist
No matter what our “official” job duties are, we must all take responsibility to make sure our workspace is safe. Massage Therapist Kym Trudeau volunteered to be the Spa’s safety representative four years ago. Her background gave her good reason to take on this role; before joining our Company, she worked in a trauma hospital, where she witnessed firsthand the often devastating results of not making safety a priority. Kym makes safety inspections one of her daily responsibilities. When she has a few moments between her massage appointments, she double-checks several of the Spa’s safety points. She makes sure the emergency exit hallway stays clear and ensures that there aren’t any packages or other items left in the hallway so her team and our guests can easily evacuate. She inspects electrical wires and outlets to make sure they are in good working order. Once per month, she tests the Spa’s fire extinguishers and makes sure the first aid kits are fully stocked with medical supplies.

Kym has also created handy resources that all her coworkers are able to use. For instance, due to the nature of their work, many of the Spa employees get immunizations, which must be taken in a series over several months. To help her coworkers get their injections on schedule, Kym created a record book to keep track of their shots. And to make sure her growing team is well prepared in the event of an emergency, Kym personally walks new employees on the Spa’s evacuation route, shows them the locations of the fire extinguishers, and trains them on emergency procedures.

Why is Kym so dedicated to her team’s safety? She explains: “The Spa is my home for eight hours every day and my coworkers are my family. I want to make sure all these wonderful people, including our guests, go home safe every night.”

Oscar Urrutia, Stewarding Training Manager
Safety training is serious business. But that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. One of Stewarding Training Manager Oscar Urrutia’s top priorities is making safety training easy to understand. For example, he created custom training booklets for his safety training classes that make the information employees need to learn as straightforward and simple to understand as possible. Instead of paragraph after paragraph of text explaining the safety standards, he added photos of employees completing specific tasks safely, such as lifting large items and operating powered industrial vehicles. This means that with just a glance, employees can understand their department safety rules.

And with Oscar in charge of training, injuries are far less likely to occur. He added a rule that requires employees to get help from coworkers when they lift heavy objects. For example, an employee may only lift up to 50 pounds individually. If an item weighs 150 pounds, there must be at least three people doing the lifting. Proper lifting techniques and procedures are just one aspect of training Oscar requires that every one of the close to 500 Stewarding employees, including managers, complete. In this way, Oscar made sure that everyone in his department is able to take responsibility to work safely.

Thank you to Oscar, Kym, and Barbara for being superstars of safety!